The Top Challenges for Human Resources

Staffing has always been a top challenge for human resources departments. From the Great Resignation to the mental health issues to increased feelings of burnout, all companies have been feeling the pressure to attract and retain top talent. Explore the top challenges for human resources departments and how Eli Advisors can help!

Strategies & Tactics

Companies have tried a variety of tactics for challenges within human resources departments. Some have increased salaries for employees to meet rising inflation. Others have offered more competitive benefits including remote working, more social events, and unlimited PTO to increase work-life balance. Overall, small businesses and large corporations alike are using any means necessary to show their appreciation for employees. Business owners recognize the needs beyond the workplace such as financial, physical, personal, and emotional wellbeing.

Combating Challenge for Human Resources

Studies show employees who feel their employer cares are more likely to be engaged at work. Employee engagement through performance and promoting the company contributes to a positive company culture. In turn, employees are less likely to seek out other employment opportunities and less likely to feel burnt out.

The best way for employers to show they care is through consistent and effective communication. Employees appreciate higher pay, top-tier benefits, and other competitive perks. However, studies have shown that employees value effective communications more. If clear communications align with the company’s actions, employees will be loyal and more engaged.

Finding the Right Solutions

So how can you as a business owner or human resource department address these growing challenges? Start by telling employees the rationale behind decisions, and be sure to let them feel heard. Make sure your communication is clear, concise, and effective. And, most importantly, ensure your company’s communications to employees are in line with the actions being taken.

By bringing employees into the rationale for decisions, helping them feel heard, and creating alignment with your communication and actions, you can cultivate a trusting company culture within your organization. Trust will lead to loyalty and engagement. So, you can actually help increase retention without dipping into your budget.

If you’re unsure how to create this alignment within your small to medium-sized business, we’re here to help. We support our clients in identifying, selecting, and implementing top communication strategies that maximize employee engagement and retention. Reach out to speak with one of our HR advisors today!

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