An Employee Benefits Broker that Cares for Your Team and Your Budget

Eli Advisors respects your needs and your goals with customized benefits solutions, so you can ensure your team is cared for and your business is financially secure.

Benefits renewal periods are stressful. 

We know that being forced to make benefits decisions quickly can make you feel like you’re not in control — and on top of that, you probably end up paying too much. 

That’s why Eli Advisors, an expert broker for employee benefits, delivers benefits plans that are:


On average, Eli Advisors clients' budgets do not increase more than 3.8%.


Eli's plans are proactive, sustainable, and are mindful of affects on budget, HR, and payroll.

Good for Your Team

You can give your team the care they deserve, and retain and attract quality employees.

Eli Advisors makes it easy for you to get what you need.

We Learn About You

We listen to your needs and challenges to understand your unique organization and culture to provide thoughtful, thorough recommendations.

You Receive a Clear Plan

You will receive expert advice and a clear solution that fits your organization.

We Manage & Monitor

We implement the plan and proactively support and manage for its continual success — and your peace of mind.

One-Stop-Shop: Benefits, HR, and Payroll

Partnering with Eli Advisors for your benefits packages gives you access to expert HR and Payroll services that will save you time and money and ensure accuracy.

HR Services

  • Navigate complex HR challenges with confidence using our expert guidance
  • Save valuable time — our clients save an average of 22.75 hours per month
  • Receive personalized HR consulting tailored to your industry and unique needs
  • Access a comprehensive online HR support center 24/7
  • Get reliable answers to all your HR questions from our knowledgeable advisors  

Payroll Services

  • Save up to 18% on payroll costs compared to in-house processing
  • Ensure 99.67% payroll check accuracy with our advanced technology
  • Reduce processing time, eliminate errors, and streamline workflows
  • Partner with Paylocity for a comprehensive HR and payroll system
  • Enjoy customizable payroll outsourcing services tailored to your company’s needs

 Custom solutions from reputable carriers.
Not one-size-fits-all. 

We prioritize finding the right fit for your business.

Our Clients Are Our Biggest Fans


Get a Sustainable Plan for Your Business that Your Employees Will Love

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Your Guide to Controlling Medical Costs

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