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63% of job seekers say employee benefits are the most important factor in deciding whether to accept a position.

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Employee Benefits are a key factor in attracting and retaining talent, but offering well-rounded benefits can take a considerable piece of your operating budget.  Our objective is to create affordable benefits that control costs while supporting your employees effectively. 

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We’ve never lost a client to a competitor.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Eli partners with select vendors whose services benefit clients and their employees without breaking the benefits budget. 

How We Work

You do not have to be a fortune 500 company to affordably offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to your employees. 

As a small to middle-market employer, you have more benefits to provide your employees than you may think. Employees want to feel valued and understood both in their work and personal lives. Our benefits brokers take a holistic approach to understand your business and your employees. Only then can we build a benefits program employees and recruits will love and you can afford.

ELI Advisors - Employee Benefits


You will receive benefits advice specific to your company’s budgets and your employee’s needs.  Our benefits services include:

  • A multi-year benefits strategy
  • System and Vender Integrations
  • Claim and Utilization Analyses


Our advisors maintain current knowledge on compliance regulations nationwide.  We help you remain compliant with our services, including:

  • Preparation of Plan Documents, including POP, SPD Wrapper, and more 
  • Preparation of Annual Employee Notices, such as Special Enrollment notice, Medicare Part D notice, WHCRA, and more.
  • Preparation of Annual Employer Filings, including CMS, 5500, ACA, and more 


Your company and employees will receive hands-on support through the benefit election period and throughout the plan year.  Our support services include: 

  • Employee Benefits Helpdesk 
  • Benefits Guides 
  • Communication Portals
  • Eligibility and Enrollment Processing 
  • Vendor Invoice Audits 

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Looking Forward to 2024

This is a single-page document customizable to a company’s benefits. During recruitment, or for new hires, it is a great one-pager to provide to new or prospective employees to highlight the benefits a company offers. Benefits are a big driver to employment decisions, so being able to, at a high level, show off all the amazing benefits a company has is a great recruitment tool.

2024 Benefit Coverage for Eli employees