NJ Temporary Disability and Family Leave 2023 Rate Annoucements

Today, the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) announced the 2023 rates for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) and Family Leave Insurance (FLI), with shocking changes.

Effective in 2023, TDI will become a 100% employer funded program. The previous 0.14% employee contribution from 2022 will now be 0.00%. Conversely, FLI will continue to be 100% employee funded with a 0.06% rate in 2023.

TDI Employee Contribution Rate 0.00%
TDI Maximum Employee Contribution $0.00
Employer Taxable Wage Base $41,100
FLIEmployee Contribution Rate0.06%
FLI Maximum Employee Contribution$94.08 per year
FLI Employee Taxable Wage Base$156,800

Lastly, the TDI benefits cap has also increased to $1,025/week in 2023 for up to 26 weeks, up from the 2022 cap of $993/week.

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