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IRS Has Announced 2024 HSA Contribution Limits

The 2024 HSA Contribution Limits have been given a boost due to inflation, including minimum deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expenses for HDHPs. Below, the changes are listed in comparison to 2023.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

HDHP Min Annual Deductible – Single$1,600$1,500
HDHP Min Annual Deductible – Family$3,200$3,000
HDHP Out of Pocket Max – Single$8,050$7,500
HDHP Out of Pocket Max – Family$16,100$15,000
HSA Max Contribution Limit – Single$4,150$3,850
HSA Max Contribution Limit – Family$8,300$7,750
HSA Catch-Up Contribution Limit$1,000$1,000

These changes can be confusing and may affect your benefits strategy. If you need assistance with your benefits, the team at Eli Advisors can help you. Contact us today!