ACA Reporting and Medicare Part D CMS Filing Deadlines are Coming!

Beginning of the year filings and updates are still in full swing, and the team at Eli Advisors wants to make sure you meet all your deadlines. Two filings that are on the horizon are the ACA and CMS Filings. Learn more below about these deadlines and how Eli Advisors can help.

ACA Reporting

Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) and self-insured employers of any size must report group health plan offer and coverage information to the IRS and to employees annually. If filing by paper, the forms must be furnished by February 28, 2023. If filing electronically, the forms must be distributed by March 2, 2023 to employees and filed with the IRS by March 31, 2023. ALEs are employers that, in the current year, employed at least 50 full-time employees on average, including full-time equivalent employees. Additionally, some states including California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and DC have different notice and filing requirement deadlines coming up as well.

CMS Filing

For Eli Advisors’ benefits clients, you already provide the required employee notice as part of your Benefits Guide. Other brokers may provide this service as well. However, group healthcare plan sponsors must also complete an online disclosure form within two months of the end of each plan year. For calendar year plans, you have a couple of weeks until your March 1, 2023 deadline to complete your annual filing.

The team at Eli Advisors can do these filing for you in full! Our clients are our number one priority and, with that, comes the promise of accurate and timely filing. If you need assistance with your ACA or CMS filings, give our advisors a call today.

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